Eat a sandwich, make an update

Eat a pizza, make another free.

Here is a picture of two small programs that I wrote this week while Reece and Vadim were working on the programming for the game.  On the left is a sprite-testing program.  Using it, Reece can test any sprite that he makes right away, instead of waiting for someone to update the game code to see if it works.  The sprite-testing program cycles through all of the animations, and using the keyboard Reece can control which animation is playing.

On the right is an overworld testing program.  Right now the overworld sprite animates, but movement isn’t implemented yet.  Stay tuned!

Reece has been making Artificial Intelligence for the enemies in battles.  This game will be the singularity, so you’d better play our game if you want a good place in the New World Order.

Vadim has been working on the file reading for spells and enemies, but it is broken right now, through no fault of his own.

Also, I applied to UC Berkeley yesterday.  Wish me luck!


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