I’d give this game a ( out of (

The battle scene seems to be coming together quite nicely.  Here, exclusive to you, is a top-secret look at the development of this amazing new technology.

As you can see, the character “Arahel” (I’m sure you can tell which one that is) has a health-point value of ( out of (, which is quite good.  However, the magic-point value here is a measly box out of a possible total of box.  Vadoom and Morley both have scores of “Test” here.  What could this mean?  Find out next week.

The enemy (again, it’s pretty obvious who this is) doesn’t have any health or magic bars yet.  Too bad for him!

Also, you probably can’t tell from the still image above, but each of the sprites animate.  We are very excited about this.

Reece has been arranging sprites to be used by the game as battle sprites.  This is a good thing, because at this time we only have one that is usable.

Vadim has been planning out spells.  These are quite good.  An example of a spell that he has planned is “Natures’ [sic] Vengeance”.