Vat’s that sandvich? Post an update? Okay!

Today I made it so the enemy can attack the players in the battle screen.

Right now only Reece’s avatar is getting attacked because screw him.  Also, the Player Characters can’t fight back at all yet.

Vadim was working on this error in our main game file that made him want to do this:

It turned out to be a problem with headers and libraries.  I won’t worry your sweet little brain with the details.

The above picture cropped wrong, and I don’t feel like fixing it.  Also, the above picture is really great, you should check it out!  It shows that we have the


working.  In the


we have our friend the Grim Reaper scooting his cute little feet around a maze that Vadim made.  The trees and snow are created by yours truly.  Obviously, my pixel artistry prowess has gotten me multiple job offers, but I’ve turned them down in order to post more updates on this blog.

Anyway, the


collisions work: you can’t walk through trees no matter how hard you try.  Also, the view follows the reaper around the map.  The reaper is in the center of the screen unless it’s at the border.

Here is a picture of the end of the maze:


While I was working on the


and Vadim was working on

(and also file reading stuff) Reece was working on sprites.  He made a demon thingy and also a wizard named Vadoom who will be one of the Player Characters.


Picture source:

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