Update, update, for the land

Update forever, hand in hand

So I haven’t updated in a while!  This is due to the rare medical syndrome “lethargy”.

Lots of stuff has been done!  Sort of.

Is that more sprites? BLASPHEMOUS

Currently, all these Player Characters and Enemies can do is sorta rock back and forth.  This will change!  I’ve been adding different options for things they can do, like “block” or “attack an enemy”.  If we get real ambitious, we might add “use spell”, or (brace yourself) “take damage”.

Also, you may noticed that there is something moderately visible through the aero border of my window!  What is it?  It’s Turntable.fm!

Here’s my playlist currently:

Obviously, you care more about my musical choices than the game (the “purpose” of this blog) so I will rant on them.  ”Something In The Way” is surprisingly good for being by Nirvana, a band I find generally bland.  ”Pokemon Theme Song” is the song that you should start quoting if you’re asked to do an impromptu speech and you have no idea what to say.  ”Hadley” and “Edge of Forever” are two songs by the band Spaces, which you should totally check out (they’re on bandcamp).  Uh, and then there’s other stuff but I don’t feel like writing about those because of my aforementioned “lethargy”.

Uh, anyway our game is rad and you should totally pre-order it.

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