Spy, sappin’ my update

We’ve been playing a lot of TF2 lately.  But we’ve also been working!

Vadim and I have been working on fixing a file-reading bug for enemies.  It works now!  Enemies now successfully load into the memory.

The first thing that I did this week was create a very advanced AI that will eventually be the NPC interaction script.  Unfortunately, this script does not yet pass the Turing Test.  I believe it’s close though.

If I were the player, I would choose to purchase 3 Shiz-cats.

The second thing that I did was work on the Overworld programming.  Movement is possible now!

This hooded figure shuffles around quite aesthetically.

Third: because the file-reading bug is fixed, I’ve been able to work on the Battle screen.  The health and magic-point bars now display correctly!  Also, I made it so I could decrease one of the Player Character’s health points.  I chose Reece’s avatar, because I was annoyed with him licking my head.


is what you would be saying if this was in a real game.  Don’t worry, though, this is just a simulation.  No Templar Knights were harmed in the making of this blog post.

Guess what Reece has been doing.

“Not sprites.”


There’s one sprite I really like that he worked on this week.  It was a blob with an eyeball in it.


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